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Toronto’s FIRST ever Pizza Fest is just around the corner and we can’t wait for what’s cooking.

To help you (and primarily us 😉 ) make informed decisions on all the pizza we plan to order, we’ve done a little homework and dusted up on our pizza knowledge.

Read below for our round up of the most traditional pizza styles that will help guide you through this year’s #PizzaFestTO.


The O.G. pizza. This Italian classic pie dates as far back as 18th Century in Naples, Italy.


This style of pizza is very thin, and was typically eaten with utensils and topped with tomatoes, cheese, oil & garlic.

Today, The Neapolitan comes in different varieties including crowd favourites; Pizza Marinara and Pizza Margherita.

New York-Style

Very similar to the Neapolitan, the New York style has slightly thicker crust which makes the slice easier to carry and eat on the go.


New York pizza has grown to become the most popular and widespread pizza style in North America. Think of your typical pizza slice with your choice of toppings and condiments.

Sicilian Pizza AKA the Sfincione.

This thick crust pizza is often confused with Chicago-style, however, like the New York vs. Neapolitan - the Sicilian has it’s differences... for starters, it’s the original.


Sfincione is a square cut, thick crust pizza with a spongy consistency.

The traditional Sicilian is topped with a tomato sauce, onions, herbs, anchovies, and then covered with bread crumbs.

Chicago Style AKA Deep-Dish

This pizza was created in Chicago in 1943 by the founder of the now famous Pizza Chain: Pizzeria Uno. The idea of the Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza came to fruition when the founder, Ike Sewell, decided he loved the taste of pizza but wanted to make it more filling. 🙌🙌


The deep-dish pizza is made in reverse to a traditional pizza, with the tomato sauce atop the pizza toppings.

Tomato Pie

Not exactly what first comes to mind when you think of a pizza pie. But believe it or not this style of pizza is authentic, with ties back to Italy, more specifically, Sicily.


The traditional Tomato Pie is served on focaccia style dough, topped with tomato gravy (tomato sauce), and served at room temperature.

Think your Sicilian Pizza sans the onions and anchovies.


NOT to be confused with the microwavable pizza pocket, the calzone is typically made from traditional pizza dough, then filled with pizza toppings and folded in half before baking or deep frying.


This type of pizza, does not come in a pie form but more of a half moon shape and gets it's name from the Italian word "Calza" which translates to stocking.

Unsure which pizza style is your favourite?

There’s only ONE way to find out. Join us at Pizza Fest this July 20-22nd to try 'em all and make your decision.

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